Choose what’s best for you! 

When you turn to Techpoint Splash Auto Spa for your window tinting needs, you will feel the difference of a lifetime. So, don’t be conned by the so-called “good deal.” Avoid buyer’s remorse, forget about feeling hot and frustrated behind the wheel, and let our trained professionals tint the windows of your vehicle. 

We can also agree that window tinting is a beautiful addition to any vehicle, and we recommend it. However, this process has more to it than enhancing the aesthetics of your car. It plays a vital role in protecting both you and your vehicle. 

SunTek has 60-plus years of delivering automotive tinting products, each with the ability to improve the look and performance of window glass in its own unique way. The cutting-edge technology provided by SunTek opens a plethora of options that meet your demands, performance, and styling aspirations. Whether you want to make a statement with an industry-leading specialty mirrored look or want a clear film that does not alter the appearance fo your vehicle, SunTek has it all for you. 


Window tints help block the UV rays, responsible for skin cancer, retina deterioration, and other health problems. Considering the lifetime number of hours you spend in an unprotected vehicle leads to the conclusion that it is A LOT OF HOURS. UV exposure is not something to be taken lightly, and it is certainly something worth considering. 

Standard Window Tint 

The high-performance series tint, presented by SunTek, is a hybrid metalized automotive tint with a construction that has proven over time. It contains reflective quality that is made visible from the vehicle’s exterior, as well as solar benefits. Ideal for vehicle owners who appreciate durability with a reflective appearance and are interested in adding a custom tint look that goes beyond your regular shades of black. When on the road, this High-Performance Series tint will prevent more road glare and improve UV protection.

Latest Technology in Window Tinting Ceramic Heat Reduction Window Tint

The SunTek CIR Series are considered top-performing films, combined with a technologically advanced product line. With its added ceramic technology, this product comes with enhanced solar performance and infrared rejection that maintains non-metal construction. It reduces the overall fuel consumption thanks to its ability to cool a vehicle enough to reduce the amount of air conditioning needed. It creates an attractive appearance that also protects from changes in color. Both passengers and the interior of the vehicle are protected from 99% of UV rays while the vehicle cabin comfort is upgraded with heat and infrared rejection, as well. 

Our team is ready to handle any tint job and make your vehicle look amazing, once again. 

A variety of shades to choose from!

Window tinting shades are measured by the percentage of light that passes through your windows. It is also known as visible light transmission (VLT).