STEK Paint Protection Film

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The exterior paint of your vehicle is among the most expensive parts, which is why protecting it from weather and nature’s elements is of the utmost importance. Consider all the dust, dirt, air pollution, bird droppings, and other forms of grime that your vehicle has to endure on a regular basis. This is more than enough to make any owner wince.

There is no denying that the residue of this beating can leave all sorts of marks in the form of dirt, filth, and grime on your vehicle that, when neglected, could do some serious damage on your vehicle’s paint. This will affect the value of the asset you have worked for so hard to possess in the first place.

The good news is that STEK PAINT PROTECTION FILM is here so you can drive without worrying about the condition of the paint on your vehicle nor its protection from the harsh elements. By procrastinating over the proper care of your vehicle’s paint, the chances of your stock paint getting permanently damaged will continue to increase. No car owner deserves that. This is your hard-earned money that’s at stake here. So, with that in mind, making sure your vehicle is well-protected will help avoid a great issue.

Peace of Mind Protection Against!

Area of Coverage

STEK Paint Protection Film comes with its unique design, tailored to protecting high impact areas of any vehicle. More and more black vehicle owners are starting to protect their entire vehicles. This ensures they don’t worry about swirl marks, unsightly bird droppings, or insects staining the paint, as well as about UV rays that could fade out the paint.

Option #1
Full Frontal Protection: Hood, Slide Fencers, and Front Bumper

Option #2
Total Frontal Protection: Hood, Slide Fenders, Front Bumper, Headlights, Slide Mirrors, Door Trim, and Door Cups

Option #3
High Speed Protection: Full Hood, Slide Fenders, Front Bumper, Headlights, Slide Mirrors, Door Trim, and Door Cups, A-Pillars, Rock Panel, and Rear Wheel Arch

Option #4
Hood & Front Bumper Only

Option #5
Partial Full Frontal Protection: Partial Hood & Fenders with Full Bumper Protection

Option #6
Big Boss Protection: Complete Protection from Front to Rear Bumper

Why Choose Techpoint Splash Auto Spa?

Staffed with factory-trained and certified installers for 3M Pro Series, Xpel Ultimate, and Suntek Paint Protection Film, hiring the Techpoint Splash Auto Spa is certainly worth considering. We are the only installers in the Bay Area with all three certifications. The importance of providing our customers with high-class installations has made us undergo rigorous training to produce the excellent results our clients expect.

– We currently have the most reviews on Google
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– We give a craftsmanship extended warranty
– We are a team of factory-trained and certified installers
– Outstanding customer service with results that will WOW you
– What is Paint Protection Film?

PAINT PROTECTION FILM has a history of 100-plus years and is now one of the hottest services in the auto appearance industry. Using the latest technology on the market, this company offers unrivaled vehicle protection that lasts up to a decade. Paint Protection Film is an invisible shield that makes any vehicle resistant to abrasion and guarantees long-term protection.

Clear Bra Paint Protection Film has taken the auto aftermarket by storm. It is a plastic adhesive film that protects the paint finish on all the vehicle’s impact zones.

What are impact zones?

Parts of a vehicle that are exposed to the elements, such as the hood, bumpers, side fenders, headlights, side mirrors, door cups, etc. The strength and durability of this invisible film can protect the surface paint from stone chips, abrasions, and nicks.

Pretty cool, right?

So what are you waiting for? With more and more people wanting to protect their assets with Clear Bra Paint Protection Film, now is your chance to do the same. Let’s do this!

Free Vehicle Consultation Today!

If you are considering a Paint Protection Film for your automobile but need further information, we are here to help you understand everything you need to make the right decision. It is what our business is all about. You are more than welcome to take advantage of the free consultation we can easily arrange. Should you decide to visit us, this will help our team inspect your vehicle in person, learn about your driving behavior, and determine which protection film would best suit your needs. Of course, working according to your budget restrictions is something we always keep in mind. We will spend as much time as required to provide an answer to any given questions you may have. We will even discuss the installation process along the way.

Sounds good, right? Lots of people feel the same way.

We, at Techpoint Splash Auto Spa, don’t apply methods of hard sell or upselling. In fact, we restrain from such practices. We are here to serve you and provide you with facts along with the information necessary to make up for the right decision to benefit you and your vehicle.

That pretty much sums it up. However, don’t just take our word for it. We invite you to check out our Google reviews, hear from the Techpoint Splash Auto Spa customers themselves. We will work hard to add you to our roster of happy clients. Again, it is our business.

Coverage OptionsĀ 

Dyno Shield

DYNOshield is a top-coated nano-glass paint protection film that is bonded to the film at a molecular level during manufacturing. This eliminates the need for waxing or after-market coating of your vehicle. DYNOshield is unique, due to STEK’s combination of extremely hydrophobic topcoat with self-healing properties for correcting light surface scratches. Combined with UV-resistant anty-yellowing adhesives, our top coat provides extreme clarity and gloss plus improved puncture resistance.

– Glossy Finish
– Hydrophobic (Advanced water-repelling properties)
– Anti-Contamination (Ease to remove contaminates)
– Stain Resistant
– 10-Year Warranty

The price may vary, depending on the size of your vehicle, as well as the difficulty, the condition of the paint, and the area of coverage: $695 – $15, 995


Among our DYNO line of HYDROphobe topcoat technology, this Paint Protection Film Comes with hydrophobics and self-heating with a smooth matte finish that adds to the aesthetics. You can feel confident knowing your vehicle is well-protected and that its original paint is preserved and combined with the beautiful matte finish you deserve.

– Satin Finish
– Hydrophobic (Advanced water-repelling properties)
– Anti-Contamination (Easy to remove contaminants)
– Stain Resistant
– Fast Recovery Self-Healing (by heat or warm water)
– 7-year Warranty against yellowing, delamination, bubbling, or cracking

Price can vary depending on the vehicle size, the condition of the paint, and the difficulty of each area of coverage: $695 – $15, 995

Pro Shield

PROshield gives your automobile an industry-leading clear Paint Protection Film that is self-healing when faced with light surface scratches. It also makes your vehicle protected against common paint contaminants.

– Extreme Gloss Finish
– Anti-Contamination
– Stain Resistant
– UV Resistant and Anti-Yellowing
– Fast Recovery Self-Healing (by heat or warm water)
– 5-year Warranty Against Bubbling, Cracking, Delamination, or Yellowing

Depending on the size of your vehicle, condition of the paint, as well as the area of coverage, the price may vary between $695 – $15, 995.


DYNOcarbon is one the cutting-edge of paint protection with its woven Carbon Fiber styled film, combined with an unparalleled top-coat. It ensures flawless protection and the ability to change the aesthetics of any automobile with color-matching carbon-fiber styled Paint Protection Film. It is ideal for roofs, hoods, and spoilers, as well as accent pieces that need world-class protection with a unique twist.

– Carbon Fiber Overlay
– Extreme Gloss Finish
– Anti-Contamination
– Stain Resistant
– UV Resistant and Ant-Yellowing
– Fast Recovery Self-Heating (by heat or warm water)
– 7-Year Warranty Against Yellowing, Bubbling, Delamination, and Cracking

Considering the condition of your paint along with the area coverage, as well as the size of your vehicle, the price varies between  $695 – $15, 995.


DYNOblack comes with its innovative design that is able to transform the color of any paint into a protected, high-gloss black, matte, or carbon fiber finish. Many people would use vinyl wraps in the past to change the color of their vehicles without pursuing new paint, regardless of the daily driving hazards that are bound to happen. DYNOblack PPF comes with protection against scratches, rock chips, road oil, watermarks, and yellowing. To make your driving experience more enjoyable and remove hard maintenance tasks, adding a molecular level integration to our advanced HYDROphobe ceramic top-coat allows such a film to bead-water and heal itself from a variety of minor scratches and damage. It is the perfect protection solution that helps you create your one-of-a-kind sweet ride. 

– High Gloss Black, Black Carbon, Matte Black Fiber
– Extreme Gloss Finish
– Anti-Contamination
– Stain Resistant
– UV Resistant and Anti-Yellowing
– Fast Recovery Self-Heating (by heat or warm water)
– 7-Year Warranty Against Yellowing, Delamination, Cracking, or Bubbling

The price for this application may vary between  $695 – $15, 995, depending on the size of your vehicle, the condition of your paint, and the difficulty of the area of coverage. 

Rock Chips, Scratches, and Scuffs Will Happen

Roads can be tough on cars here in the Bay Area, which is why paint protection film is an adequate choice in preventing any decrease in the value of your vehicle. Paint protection film or, otherwise known as Clear Bra, is the installation of clear urethane film over painted portions of a vehicle to guard against rock chips, bicycle handlebars, shopping carts, and other abrasions or paint trauma. Because of the high impact resistance presented by Paint Protection Film, it will protect the paint of your vehicle from chips and scratches caused by everyday driving. The urethane film can also protect your vehicle from corrosion, as well as acidic contaminants, which means it creates a fine line of defense against etching and chemical stains caused by bug splatter, bird droppings, even acid rain and mineral deposits. Not only does it not oxidize with exposure to the sun, but it also guards the paint against fading caused by UV rays. Our certified and factory-trained installers, you will receive a 10-year warranty along with a flawless service.