Platinum Auto Detailing Service 

Save $50 Off this Stunning Service 

It is pretty obvious when you think about it. The level of concern and care we demonstrate with each vehicle we service is directly linked to the lifespan of its paint. A good correlation is the skin we live in – we put moisturizers and creams on our skin to help preserve it. Don’t you think that your automobile deserves the same? At Techpoint Splash Auto Spa, we like to think it does. 

Truth be told, without proper protection, many of the environmental elements will plot to damage and degrade the paint finish of your vehicle, much quicker than you think. 

That is Why We Came Up With This Service 

We use a wax that acts as a natural sunscreen and not only preserves the paint of your car but with its built-in gloss enhancers, takes your paint to the highest level possible. All while making sure we maintain the sensational interior of your automobile. Just the way you want it. 

What does Our Service include? 

Exterior Cleaning

1.Thorough 100% hand-wash with biodegradable soap, enriched with foaming agents that gently loosen and lubricate the car, but more importantly, safely remove any dirt.
2. A Claybar Deep Cleaning Treatment that eliminates harmful contaminants and creates a smooth touch to the paint of your vehicle. Potential buyers will love this.
3. We use forced air to remove water from crevices along with microfiber drying towels when drying your vehicle.
4. Hybrid V07 is made via grade A natural Carnauba, which is considered one of the toughest wax. It creates a glossier and much deeper, as well as a wet shine.
5. Interior and exterior window cleaning.
6. Advanced Tire Cleaning, including the removal of grime and debris from tires, making sure they are brought back to their factory finish.
7. Ultimate Tire Shine Treatment with NO sling-like cheap products.
8. Chrome Polish/Metal helps remove pitting and spotting of metals, which increases their reflectivity, adding that WOW factor.
9. Gas, oil, and grime are removed from the gas cap.
10. We also clean and rejuvenate the tailpipes, after which, we polish them to a mirror finish, promising long-lasting protection.

Interior Cleaning

1. Thorough Interior Cleaning: We consider every inch of your interior when detailing your vehicle. From the headliner to the foot and brake pedal. All gauges, steering wheel, control knobs, instrument panel, dashboard, cup holders, sun visors, and other elements are included.
2. Steam pressure blow for dust removal of hard-to-reach places.
3. Soft detailing brushing to clean crevices.
4. Two-stage deep vacuum to remove dust, dirt, and debris from the seats, floorboards, floor mats, and everything else underneath.
5. We will clean and treat the interior vinyl and plastic with a low-shine finish that does not attract dust or create a glare.
6. We will use a specialized Leather Master Cleaner to treat any leather on your seats.
7. Foot and brake pedals are sanitized.
8. The trunk is cleaned, vacuumed, and shampooed.
9. We will remove minor stains and eliminate any signs of odor by shampooing the upholstery seats and carpets, thus creating a fresh interior.
10. All windows and mirrors are sanitized to perfection.