Cracked Screen

The technicians at Techpointllc provide affordable iPad screen repair services, often within the same business day. Visit one of our locations so that you can get your iPad back to its proper state.

Water Damage

Your iPad is with you everywhere, so it’s not unusual for water damage to ruin your experience. Techpointllc is experienced in water damage repairs and can restore your iPad affordably and quickly.

Speaker Not Working

If the audio on your iPad is muffled or not working at all, visit your local Techpointllc. We possess the tools to replace or repair your iPad speakers and restore your tablet to a like-new state.

Dead Battery

An iPad that has no signal seriously decreases the tablet’s capabilities. Luckily, Techpointllc specializes in signal repair services that won’t leave you without your tablet for long.

Dead Battery

If your iPad doesn’t retain its charge for as long as it used to, you may have issues with your battery. Techpointllc can diagnose the issue and repair it on time.

Broken Buttons

If you have malfunctioning buttons on your iPad or ones that have stopped working, visit your local Techpointllc. Our repair technicians can fix the problem affordably and quickly.

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