Exotic Car Auto Detailing Services 

More Than an AMAZING Shine….

We salute you for realizing your dream of having the exotic car you have always wanted!

Not all cars are created equal and the same goes for auto detailing companies, as well. Techpoint Splash Auto Spa has never thought of itself as a service-only company. We are a great addition to a lifestyle, the one our clients have chosen to live through the lens of their automobiles.

Investing in an exotic or supercar deserves a maintenance plan that will keep your new addition in its ideal condition while it also retains its value.

At Techpoint Splash Auto Spa, we pride ourselves on pampering exotic cars, which is why we tailored this service to those who pursue the finest things in life.

At Techpoint Splash Auto Spa, we are serious about the relationship you have with your vehicle, and that is why we created this service. 

Our experts approach exotic car detailing as an art form. Just like any type of art, it looks easy, but it is definitely not that simple when you need to combine skill with the right set of products. We love to deliver long-term solutions to people who want nothing more than superior workmanship with high forms of customer service and powerful results. 

What Is Included In This Service? 

Exterior Cleaning

1. Thorough 100% hand-wash with biodegradable soap, enriched with foaming agents that gently loosen and lubricate the car, but more importantly, safely remove any dirt.
2. Intensive two-stage decontamination that removes iron deposits that are embedded along with claybar treatment to ensure a shine that nothing can hinder.
3. We use forced air to remove water from crevices along with microfiber drying towels when drying your vehicle.
4. Optimal optical capacity through a complete windshield clay bar deep cleaning treatment.
5. Lite polish that removes swirl marks and other minor imperfections while giving an exceptional shine to your vehicle.
6. Glazing – a form of enhancing the shine of your vehicle and achieving a deep gloss.
7. Car waxing with a special blend of Brazilian Ivory Carnauba and natural oils for a tremendous paint depth and richness or ceramic coating with a 6-month protection guarantee.
8. Interior and exterior window cleaning.
9. Advanced tire cleaning that removes grime and debris.
10. Rim Coating that holds your rims against extreme conditions, adds heat resistance, and promotes chemical resistance for up to a whole year.
11. Trim guard coating to seal and protect the plastic for up to three months.
12. Chrome Polish/Metal helps remove pitting and spotting of metals, which increases their reflectivity, adding that WOW factor.

Interior Cleaning

1. Thorough Interior Cleaning: We consider every inch of your interior when detailing your vehicle. From the headliner to the foot and brake pedal. All gauges, steering wheel, control knobs, instrument panel, dashboard, cup holders, sun visors, and other elements are included.
2. Steam cleaning that eliminates all sorts of germs and bacteria while loosening dirt and grime.
3. Soft detailing brushing to clean crevices.
4. Two-stage deep vacuum to remove dust, dirt, and debris from the seats, floorboards, floor mats, and everything else underneath.
5. We gently and safely treat leather with a pH balanced cleaner.
6. We apply Ceramic Pro’s leather coating that adds water and UV resistance to leather for a whole year.
7. Cleaning door jambs to remove grease and built-up dirt.
8. Foot and brake pedals are sanitized.
9. The trunk is cleaned, vacuumed, and shampooed.
10. Door interior trim is cleaned and conditioned, as well as protected to prevent cracking.
11. Seat belts are also sanitized to remove body oil and grime.

Duration: 1-2 days to complete, depending on the condition of your vehicle. 

Free One-Way Uber Ride up to 30 miles.