Dell computer

Cracked Screen

Techpointllc expert technicians specialize in cracked screen repair – and not just for cell phones. We efficiently and affordably repair broken computer screens on all of the most common makes and models.

Water Damage

If your computer has water damage, visit Techpointllc as soon as possible. Our technicians can diagnose the extent of the issue and repair it fast so you won’t be without your computer for too long.

Speaker Not Working

A damaged computer speaker can detract from your user experience. If your speaker is muffled, distorted, or simply not working, bring it to one of Techpointllc stores for a repair or replacement.

Slow Performance

p style=”text-align: justify;”>Is your computer slow? You could have issues with your operating system or other internal software. Techpointllc will find and fix the problem fast so your computer will start working for you again.

Dead Battery

Does your computer’s battery no longer hold a charge? If your computer does not charge or continually loses battery power, come to Techpointllc and let our expert tech team diagnose and repair the problem.

System Crashing

When it comes to your gadgets, a system crash is the worst thing. If you are seeing the dreaded blank screen of system failure, bring your computer to Techpointllc. We will offer a free diagnosis and estimate on repair.

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